Friday, February 14, 2003

'The happier you are the less u have to write'

Been a while.

I should be counting my blessings. Few little nice things have been happening. The bosses made a new arrangement for me after I told them my intention to quit.They raised my salary up to RM2300 and I am also given a 1% comission from every project confirmed. 1% is not much but..hey it is money. Mr Yong , Harry's architect friend offered me part time job.Doing bathroom details is nothing exciting but it is a start. Also I ve been doing job consistantly for Mr Hanifah, a small time contractor that might have some potential. The relationship has developed into a friendly one more then a business orientated . He mentioned about forming a company with me as one of the players, but I didnt ask him to elaborate cause I dont think I m ready yet. So far I havent received any payment from him yet, but once the projects started maybe we ll start seeing some money.

All those things are nothing to shout about.But maybe I should try to beleive that on little things big things grow. Maybe eventually all the proposals I did for Mr Hanifah will actually be constructed and I ll get paid.Maybe the company will be securing projects on regular basis and my 1% comission becomes a consistant addition to my salary. May be Mr Yong will give me more job and I ll finally be able to get back to architecture. Maybe..Life goes the way u think it.

And still dont have any friends though. On the bright side, I have 3 new co workers. All girls, so no hanging out after work. At least they provide some human interaction at work.

Chances, when you dont take it ,will be taken away. Same goes for blessings when r not grateful. I should always remind myself that. Sometimes u take things for granted.

Aishah always reminds me to do the Dhuha prayer. Sometimes I woke up too late for it. I always have problem with discipline.