Thursday, May 22, 2003

15th Mei 2003.
A historical day in my life. I did something smart. I got engaged. A step closer to settling down. And I feel more and more like a normal person.It didnt go exactly the way I planned it but I was happy. Come to think of it I didnt really have any plan. I was just hoping it turn out right.
She looks pretty and happy.Everybody looked happy. I was engulfed by an akward sense of importance that day realising that that day was about Aishah and me.. And it s touching to see everybody putting efforts , taking trouble for you. My uncle came all the way from JB.I never knew how to stand on the spotlight but that day it was nice.

My relatives didn't say much about Aishah afterwards. I could see most of them were surprised to find Aishah's father is an Englishman.I was expecting they make some comment about it. But nobody did.
I was a little dissappointed my father didn't talk much to Aishah's dad. There's a language barrier I know but he could at least try. Besides I ve been telling him that he can speak and understand Malay. And Aishah's dad was speaking Malay all the time that day.Maybe dad felt akward.It is not every day he meet an English.

At the early stage of our relationship I didnt know what I like about her. But today she gave me some reasons. She thanked me for the ring and all the gift I presented her. I felt the gifts are a little bit on the modest side but she showed much appreciation for it.I admire her humility. She didnt really care if the stone on the ring is real or fake. For someone who is brought up in relatively affluent household ,she is not spoilt.

I m happy. Thanks.