Wednesday, May 28, 2003

"A door opens. Locate the exit before u enter".

Charles called today. He asked about the job he gave me. I said I've been working on it. Meaning : I 'll start on it tonite. So we re gonna meet on Friday.Plenty of time. He said he is setting up his own showroom and he want me to design it. I m excited but cautious. It is hard to get excited about anything these days, as hard as distinguishing between people who want to work with you and those who want to take advantage of you.But yo have to speculate to accumulate. You have to approach life with certain optimism. Dream and hope that is what make life livable.

I m excited because if Charles really set up his showroom he will invite to join him. And I will.Happily. .I m excied about the prospect of being a decison making member of an ambitious design company.And maybe after a few years I 'll make an associate director. Then maybe we'll diversify into home building.And then my ambition of owning a construction business will really come true.Maybe. It is worths a shot.