Thursday, June 12, 2003

Mrs Tay (the lady that I said I hv long artistic fingers) came over today to see the design. She took a while to digest it but she was pleased with it. So please that she kept showering me with compliments. As she pat me on the back she said " Good boy, u done a really good job". Man..I m not a kid ,I thought. And I don't buy any compliments people give to me. A bit too much of pessimism I guess.
She went on saying that she had previously plans designed by architects but our design is the one she like most. No complaint at all. Sincere opininon or just meaningless sweet words? Hard to tell these days. Doesnt really matter though. I think I m wise enough to know how good or bad I am.
Sometimes I wish I could believe that I m not all bad. That despite all my faults there is still something good about me that desrves me a place in this world.